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Steve was instrumental in helping NAPPS re-brand our magazine, which not only helped make it a more valuable member benefit, but also made it more attractive to our industry partners and raised our image throughout the pet profession.

John D’Ariano, past president, National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Steve changed our publishing schedule from 10 to 8 times per year, significantly reducing our printing, mailing and design costs. Despite the reduced number of issues, he helped us double our annual advertising revenue.

Dick B, sales director, association management firm

I worked with Steve at XpansionLab and he quickly established himself as a key member of our senior team. He was brought in to lead our publishing division and made overhead cuts and changed policies and procedures that resulted in a better product at a more favorable cost. He was very involved in our annual budgeting and strategic planning.

Mike McCarthy, former CFO, XpansionLab

I was the director of sales for two magazines where Steve was the director of publishing. During my first meeting with Steve, I was encouraged to learn that he was willing and able to bring the editorial and sales staffs together to help create an annual editorial calendar that was attractive to advertisers without sacrificing objective, high-quality content for our readers.

Steve J, Media Advantage

I’ve worked with Steve on redesigns for two magazines and he has been very good about helping me meet the publications’ goals without stepping on my design ideas. His knowledge of magazine grids, typography, content flow and departmentalization will help any designer improve a publication.

Kellie F., owner, Kellie F. Design

Our quarterly newsletter was the responsibility of a volunteer committee member. One year, the newsletter only made it to the printer once. When Steve took it over as our executive director, he re-designed it, added new content sections, changed it from a PR piece to a content-rich professional resource and won an APEX award for the publication.

 Board Member, statewide professional association

Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me on the magazine, Steve! The meeting went well and our ED liked what I had to contribute. He was happy about our working together as well! This information is absolutely wonderful. Wow, this feels doable. If all goes well, maybe I’ll be sending you an all new March edition to show off!

Continuing professional education coordinator (and webinar attendee), international trade association