Sales/Non-Dues Revenue Issues

During an engagement with Association Publication Evaluations, a discussion with your sales director will cover the following:

Sales- vs. product-oriented organizations

  • Pushing advertisers in
  • Pulling advertisers in

Selling your circulation

  • Effectively presenting your readership
  • Are audits necessary?
  • Comparing your numbers to the competition’s
  • Reader surveys

Working with editorial departments

  • How sales and editorial can work together ethically
  • Understanding the editorial department’s role
  • Editorial calendars that sell (ethically)
  • Creating annual issues
  • Creating directories
  • Using advertisers as contributors, sources, subjects (ethically)
  • The value of editorial advisory boards to sales

Developing media kits

  • Contents
  • Presentation: print and electronic

Added-value sales tools

  • Annuals
  • Directories
  • Sponsored Content
  • Website
  • Special issues
  • Special features
  • Postcards/blow-ins
  • The Big 6

Working with an art department

  • Understanding the art department’s role
  • Creating and using house ads
  • Smooth delivery of materials
  • Ensuring that advertisers’ ads run correctly
    *Traffic coordination
    *Effective contracts
    *Foolproof proofing

Creating ads for advertisers