Publication Brand Management

Do you have a four- or five-word slogan that sums up exactly what your association is? Is that slogan on your website, under the title of your magazine (on the cover) and on every printed marketing piece you produce?

Having a brand and managing it is critical to maximizing your status in your industry, working with aligned professions, increasing membership recruitment and retention, attracting long-term sponsors, generating media exposure and gaining recognition as your industry’s voice by politicians.

An association newsletter or magazine can affect your brand in a number of ways, simply by the way you place your editorial, whether or not you have an editorial advisory board, how you choose who writes for you and the ways you handle your advertising. Whoever is responsible for your publication should be aware of your association’s overall brand-management strategy and should send that message with each issue.

APE can help you ensure that what you publish reinforces and strengthens your brand. This requires integrating the publication into all of your efforts, including your continuing education, lobbying, public relations and industry awareness campaigns.