Building Your Publication’s Team

Five virtuoso musicians won’t necessarily make a very good band or ever produce a hit record. The same is true of newsletter or magazine staff members who don’t understand each of their co-worker’s roles and both the strategic and tactical goals of a publication.

You can hire a graduate from a top journalism school, an award-winning graphic artist, a sales person who lives to smile and dial and a website pro who can create all the digital bells and whistles you can think of – but if they work in their own orbits, they won’t be able to contribute to your big-picture goals.

 APE will bring your writers, editors, contributors, designer, salespeople, finance manager and IT staff together to help them understand the following:

  • How your publication helps meet your association’s mission
  • What your strategic goals are for the publication
  • The specific objectives of your publication to reach those goals
  • The roles of each function of a publication
  • How to work with each staff manager of your publication