APE Pricing Structure

 Full Publication Engagement

The fee for a full publication evaluation is $5,000 and includes a trip by Steve Milano to your office to meet with your staff (travel expenses included in the $5,000 fee). It includes the six-step engagement process that includes a strategic analysis, hand-in-hand work with your staff and contractors, the tactical roadmap to implement your publication’s re-launch, and ongoing telephone and email assistance to your staff.

Newsletter Engagement

For associations with smaller publications (typically a newsletter) APE offers a virtual engagement for $2,500. This is reserved for newsletters that have the following basic characteristics:

  • Approximately 24-32 pages
  • No advertising
  • Editorial is internally directed, focusing on the association, not the profession

For a newsletter engagement, Steve will conduct phone/Skype interviews with the executive director, editor and graphic designer.

APE reserves the right to offer the type of engagement it deems appropriate based on the type of publication, and the right to refuse any engagement.